FIG AND TOMATO ITALIAN EUROPEAN EATERY {100 Park Avenue, Hillsdale 07642; 201.722.8880}
A family-owned and operated BYO Italian European Eatery celebrates Italy’s vibrant culinary cuisine. The menu is seasonally inspired, and the dishes are designed for sharing. The classic Italian dishes are prepared with the freshest, quality ingredients.

An appetizer favorite is the Grilled Artichokes which are of limited availability. Pulled Short Rib with American and Burrata cheese blended with cream make the Mac & Cheese number one on the eatery list. There is an assortment of salads to choose from including The Santorini Salad, tossed with dried cranberries, feta, chickpea, red onion tomato and drizzled with a lemon red wine vinaigrette. Enjoy a fresh pasta dish Stuffed Rigatoni filled with ricotta, shrimp, mushroom, cubed fresh mozzarella and pink pesto.

Don’t miss brick oven pizza choices such as The Famous Hoboken, described as a half calzone, half pizza pie, ‘roni cups, mozzarella, garlic knot crust and homemade vodka sauce. Look for Specialties for Two. Choose a dish at any time from their lunch menu, dinner menu, takeout menu, event menu or catering menu.

By Tara Jean McDonald