As one of Bergen County’s top meat purveyors, locals and loyal customers alike trust B&M Meat Market {192 Kinderkamack Road, Park Ridge; 201.391.4373;} and its owner Jonathan Goldstein to provide them with only the best cuts. From USDA prime-aged beef to Jaindl turkeys and everything in between, B&M has you covered.

This former butcher shop has transformed into a one-stop shop for customers’ gourmet needs after being taken over by Goldstein. Today, the shop provides its customers with quality meats and an array of gourmet side dishes to accompany each main it sells. From catering options and pre-prepared meals, to specially-crafted menus, B&M prides itself on helping to make customers’ lives and holidays run smoothly. For Easter, Goldstein and his team are gearing up to prepare another unique menu just for the holiday.

“Each holiday, we come up with a new menu – unique appetizers, traditional sides, and the best quality meat as your main dish,” he says. “As with any holiday, it’s a very warm feeling, knowing that customers will be happy in the comfort of their own home eating our food.”

While B&M will be selling its range of top-notch meats throughout the season, for those seeking a savory traditional lamb dish for Easter, B&M exclusively sells Colorado domestic lamb to satisfy any and all holiday dining needs.

“It’s the traditional meal,” says Goldstein. “And if you’re going to do it, Colorado lamb yields the most tender, flavorful cut.”

One 6 Pound Butterflied Leg of Lamb (Ask B&M Butcher to hand-pick a beautiful Colorado leg of lamb and butterfly it for you)
2 ½ Teaspoons – Ground Cumin
2 ½ Teaspoons – Onion Powder
Kosher Salt to taste
Ground Pepper to taste
Dried Oregano to taste
1 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For the Mint-Cilantro Sauce (all ingredients to taste)
Mint Leaves
Cilantro Leaves
Parsley Leaves
Peeled Garlic Clove
Sweet Onion
Lemon Juice
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Kosher Salt
Ground Black

For the Greek Yogurt Sauce (all ingredients to taste):
Greek Yogurt
Lemon Juice
Kosher Salt
Ground Cumin
Extra Virgin Olive Oil


First, place the lamb in a Ziploc bag or sauté pan and mix it with the ground cumin, onion powder, salt, ground pepper, dried oregano, and olive oil. Then, let it marinade for four hours.

Next, preheat your grill to medium heat or 375 degree. Let the lamb cool down from marinating and bring it to room temperature, (as a time frame, put it on counter for 90 minutes.)

Next, grill each side of the lamb for 12-15 minutes per side (it will make the piece medium rare). Finally, slice the lamb into think pieces and serve it with mint sauce or Greek yogurt.