Dining in with ChowGofer

Dining in with ChowGofer

Eat your favorite restaurant fare—in the comfort of your own home We know that when it’s cold out, it’s difficult to muster the energy to bundle up and dine out—or even pick up take out. Lucky for us, ChowGofer now exists to bring that warm meal to you—whether you have a hankering for fast food or five-star surf and turf. Whatever your pleasure, this new concept in food delivery will satisfy any craving.

How does it work? First, either visit chowgofer.com or download their mobile app and enter your address to check which restaurants are available for delivery to your location. You can filter by type of restaurant, or conveniently search menus with a keyword, such as “steak” or “panini,” to jump right to menus that offer what you desire. Once you’ve made your selection (and with so many options, this may take a while), place your order online or over the phone, then sit back and ready your appetite for that delicious food. With a target delivery time of 45-60 minutes, you won’t be waiting long.

ChowGofer will tack on a delivery fee of $4.99—and an additional $2 fee for non-cash transactions. It’s a small price to pay to be able to continue that Netflix binge in your pajamas, or watch the end of the game when you’re famished.

More great news: If you and your loved ones are torn between which type of cuisine you want, Chow Gofer does allow you to order from more than one restaurant. And, if the restaurant you are craving is not an official Chow Gofer restaurant, delivery is still possible for an additional service charge. Words to the wise: The website does indicate which restaurants are Chow Gofer restaurants, so just take note when you order to avoid any surprises on your bill.

One of Chow Gofer’s very appealing features is that they will visit your local liquor shop and pick up a beverage for you if you forgot to buy that bottle of wine or sixer of beer the last time you were out. Cheers to that! Even better, if your dry cleaning has been waiting for you for days or you need a bottle of medicine for that cold you just came down with, Chow Gofer can deliver that, too. Just ask about these services when you call.

If you haven’t already picked up on it, Chow Gofer is really all about convenience. According to Owner Lawrence Rapoport, “We focus on delivering your favorite foods from the best restaurants, right to your door. From the local mom and pop stop to fast food such as Chipotle or McDonalds—and everything in between—we  accommodate.” Current customers are raving about the ease of ordering, the speed of delivery, and the large selection of available restaurants, especially those that don’t offer delivery themselves.

Here’s just a small sample of the wide selection of restaurants available:

P.F. Changs, Weehawken allows you to get your Chinese fix
Grissini, Englewood Cliffs offers hearty Italian fare
Morton’s, Hackensack for steak lovers
Oceanaire, Hackensack serves up a variety of fresh seafood
Molos, Weehawken boasts traditional Greek offerings
Waterside, North Bergen offers a continental selection
Avo’s Grill, Cliffside Park delivers Armenian cuisine
Brazeiro Churrascaria, North Bergen brings Brazilian straight to your door
Fontana di Trevi, Leonia is a taste of Italy for your palate
G.W Grill, Fort Lee offers options as American as they come
Kinara, Tenafly & Edgewater is all about classic Indian food for all
Meson Madrid, Palisades Park—Spanish tapas, anyone?
Havanas, Edgewater brings authentic Cuban cuisine to NJ
White Castle to satisfy your late-night, fast food cravings

By Heather Dean Bennington