by Tara Jean McDonald

Our rooftop bar is breathtaking from the moment you walk in. You will not be disappointed!  From the unique view of private jets flying out of Teterboro Airport to a memorable New York City Skyline!” – Sommer Ambrose, General Manager

An evening at this exquisitely designed rooftop bar will draw you back into an era marked by glamour, high quality cocktails and leisurely dining. This vintage airport lounge, with its spectacular views, is Concourse Club {379 NJ-17 S, Wood-Ridge; 201.710.6459;}, and it sits on the 7th floor of the Element by Westin Hotel in Wood-Ridge, New Jersey.  In order to visit this swanky rooftop bar, the guest needs to enter through a remote entrance, tucked away from the main hotel doors. Feeling like a VIP, the guest is greeted by a doorman and hostess who call ahead to let the staff know you have arrived. Guests are then directed toward the private elevator to ride up to the 7th floor. Upon entering the elegantly designed elevator that is decorated with the golden logo of the club wrapped against black walls, you begin to sense that you are on a passage through time back to an era described as the Golden Age of Air Travel.

Rooftop at the Concourse Club

Upon crossing the threshold of Concourse Club on the top floor, you are immediately embraced by the subdued earthy colors brought to life by warm lighting and natural textures. This retro rooftop bar is styled in 1950-1960’s decor. The 1950’s were all about embracing comfort, so the club has cozy seating that inspires romantic conversations and relaxing reunions. The unique architecture, with sloping ceilings and perfectly designed lighting creates depth and height throughout. This upscale club easily exudes a lavish and rebellious excitement that can only come from the collaboration of adding 1960’s inspiration in its design. Bright bursts of color accent the decor throughout the lounge, especially at the bar where the exquisite placement of lighting creates a glow beneath vibrant colored bottles of sweet liqueurs, champagne, and whiskeys.

The owners of Concourse Club areNew Jersey-Based hospitality leader Briad Management Services, Inc., which also owns The Bradford {600 Somerset Corporate Blvd, Bridgewater; 732.384.6831;} in Bridgewater. Matt Troisi, Director of Special Venues, talked about the aesthetically pleasing environment of the club. He explains that renowned designer, John Sofio of Built, Inc., is credited with producing the interior of Concourse Club. Sofio describes their process “starting at the inception of a concept and carrying it through the design, construction, and branding stages of development.” Matt describes Sofio and his wife, Rebecca, as extremely talented, adding, “they have so much to do with why the club is so successful. John and his wife designed this whole space.” 

John Polkowski, Assistant Manager, opened many venues over the course of his career in New Jersey and then Vegas. His credits include Avenue in Long Branch, W Hotel in Hoboken, and Alto in Montclair. His vast nightlife experience consists of managing places in Vegas such as Studio 54, MGM Grand, Tangerine and Krave Nightclub. When asked how he likes working at Concourse he quickly replied, “I am so excited to be back home in North Jersey at a truly unique venue for our area. There is a great vibe here and the view is amazing. People are surprised how clearly; we can see the New York City skyline from here!”

The location of Concourse Club is one of its most unique and exciting qualities. This chic, upscale venue overlooks the runway of New Jersey’s famous Teterboro Airport.  The wall-to-wall windows of this top floor venue provide a stunning view of New York City’s spectacular twinkling lights and familiar skyline. The sleek decor and satin wood paneled walls are reminiscent of the original First and Ambassador Class lounges in airports, circa 1950’s, where only the elite passengers dined while waiting to depart on a flight to their destination. The richly colored bottles lined up across the bar entice the guests to sip a cocktail, watch luxury jets take off and dream of faraway places to visit. Teterboro airport is the oldest operating airport in New Jersey. The first flight from the airport dates to 1919.  The airport has a history of many well-known passengers and celebrities as well as aviation legends who have landed on its runways such as Amelia Earhart and Howard Hughes.

On July 24, 1973, Led Zeppelin was photographed there in front of the band’s private Boeing 720 passenger jet, The Starship, before departing on one of their many gigs worldwide. This iconic photo by Bob Gruen inspired the owners of Concourse Club to mix up a crafted cocktail and name it Starship 1973. This sophisticated cocktail is made with Crop Meyer lemon vodka, almond liqueur, blueberry, and egg whites. The flair for creating cocktails that relate to Teterboro Airport is also reflected in the drink named Clear Port, which is the nickname that Jay-Z coined for Teterboro Airport in his song “Excuse Me Miss”.  The ‘clear port’ name describes how Teterboro is known for having far less traffic than commercial airports and was also beneficial for celebrities who wanted to avoid paparazzi and crazed fans when traveling.

“The guest experience is the most important thing at the Concourse Club. We look to make every visitor feel like a VIP,” states their website.  This 8,000 square foot retro lounge serves up crafted cocktails and shareable plates of delicious food. When booking reservations guests may choose to enjoy an exquisitely prepared dish while lounging in velour cushioned couches or soft leather sofas that meander throughout the club. There are large gleaming fireplaces, indoors for ambiance and outdoors for warmth. The outdoor rooftop experience is unrivaled because of the comfort and luxury experience that envelopes the patio as well as the spectacular views. Guests can enjoy dining and lounging under the stars. There is a dedicated corner bar outside and ample seating throughout. Concourse is the perfect venue to visit ANY time of the year!

Concourse Club is the best place to enjoy a live D.J. with a cocktail at the end of each week. One will notice that the mix of music with a blend of “old-school” and current hits played by their D.J. is enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or background. There is music Thursday 7 p.m. to closing and Friday and Saturday 8 p.m. to closing. On Sundays there is a popular brunch starting at 11 a.m. and a DJ from 12 noon to 5 p.m. Just added to the brunch menu is a Mexican dish, Chilaqiiles, consisting of a 7-hour cooked braised brisket in yellow corn tortillas, with spicy guajillo sauce, and a sunny side up egg then cooled down with a topping of crema. Another addition is the Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup, which has been so successful with the guests that it has been added to the evening menu. This dish’s sourdough bread is grilled with cheddar and manchego cheese, sliced in small pieces and placed alongside a large red Asian spoon filled with a side of Roasted Tangy Tomato Soup for dipping.

It’s hard to choose what drink to order at Concourse Club. The bartenders offer classics like Bourbon & Rye Whiskeys or Scotch & Japanese Whiskeys. Top shelf liquors of Rum, Gin and Vodka are used to create signature cocktails and classic cocktails by their talented bartenders. The names of their cocktails are whimsically designed to remind you of air and flight. Toast the night with a glass of Starship 1973 for you or try the Up, Up and Away with Aperol, pamplemousse, Montenegro amaro, lemon juice and prosecco to make your taste buds fly. Enjoy a glass of a refreshing Clear Port with crop cucumber vodka, lime and lychee to ground you. If you are in a playful mood, try the Paper Plane with bourbon, aperol, amaro nonino and lemon. One of the guests’ favorites is the flavorful Concourse Old Fashioned with bourbon, orange & angostura bitters, and demerara. Also offered is an upscale list of wines and sparkling champagnes to make the evening memorable.

Concourse Club’s menu has handpicked the most sophisticated plates to complement drinks and good conversation. Seth Coburn, Corporate Chef, helped to create a small menu with a variety of foods from around the world. Seth says, “We created shareable, bite-size dishes for club style dining. We want people to order drinks and have a really good bite of food that really wows them!” The dishes are very palatable, like the Hand Pulled Chicken Arepa alongside yuca, mozzarella, tortilla salad, pickled shallots, drizzled with habanero Jameson aioli sauce. The Lobster Bao Bun is delectable with dainty chunks of lobster in browned butter, and luscious coconut napa slaw. Try the scrumptious Fire Roasted Fish Tacos with appetizing Mexican street corn salad, habanero sauce, and lime cilantro crème. Highly recommended by the staff is the succulent Bourbon Glazed Chicken Lollipop with creamy bleu cheese dipping sauce. Another favorite for a group of friends who are out for a great evening is the finger-licking IPA Cheese Beef Sliders with the signature chefs ipa beer cheese, house spicy butter pickles, pub ketchup, and crunchy Vidalia beer rings. When tasting these exquisite dishes, you cannot overlook the delicious Korean Style Skirt Steak presented with cauliflower rice kimchi, a sunny side egg, and a pickled daikon radish that is delish.

Chef Seth Coburn

To complete the culinary journey, the chef has created mouthwatering desserts that will delight any palette. One shareable dish is called I Dare You with 2 scoops of vanilla and 1 scoop of chocolate gelato and a banana split with many yummy toppings added. Chef Seth encourages everyone to try this dessert, “We add an assortment of toppings that are seasonal and available like chocolate chips, Oreos, sprinkles, or gummies. We can add hot fudge or caramel sauce or whipped cream. The dish is designed to bring back your childhood and to be a shared dish and have fun with friends.” The PBJ is a delightful peanut butter cheesecake with a chocolate shell and wild berry compote on top. The mini–Banana Donuts are filled with raspberry and served with maple cinnamon crème for dipping.  Can’t Have Just One dessert is one of the guest favorites. This vanilla chocolate shake has a “little bit of mint and a lot of bourbon,” states Chef Seth. It is served in a glass milk jug shooter with a large straw and topped with whipped cream.

The manager at Concourse Club always welcomes each guest as VIP, but because the club has already caught the attention of many celebrities who fly in and out of nearby Teterboro airport, you never know who you’ll be sitting next to. “We have gotten the attention of NFL Players, local politicians and The Housewives. We take pride in giving the best experience we can to our guests. We are looking forward to what the future will bring,” explains Sommer Ambrose, General Manager for Concourse Club.

Concourse Club is open for booking events. There is a semi-private area with a fireplace that can hold up to 50 people. Larger events can be arranged when booking the entire space including the rooftop area and inside dining. For more information management requests that you email the hostess at